Eastern of Nemea and just 4 km for our winery is located the enviable
archaeological park of ancient Nemea. Here "the seven from Thiva"
walking to Viotia they enacted the Nemea games for the dead baby
Ofeltis and to appease the gods...
At the entrance of the the archaeological place a vaulted path with carved
rocks which is drives to the stadium. There where taking place the Nemea games.

The summer of 1996, because of the tries of the local community and the
American Archaeological School, the games has taken again place
after 2300 years and they are taking place every four years at month
June or Julie, following step by step the ancient ceremony.
In 330 B.C. The temple of the Nemean Zeus have been builted .

This temple was a characteristic sample historical sight from the end
of the classic and the beginning of Hellenistic period, combining three
architectural types (mainly Dorian with Ionian and Corinthian clues which
was symbolizing the power, the knowledge and the beauty).

The unique characteristic of this building is the underground crypt backwards
of the siku her usage has not already determined. The most possible answer
is that it was the local oracle. At the building of the museum with the
excellent taken good care of and spectacular facilities shows with a unique
way the findings of the territory: marbled columns, coins, pot, ceramics
and the all known jewelries of Mycenaean tomb in Aidonia.

The small village Aidonia is located western of Nemea, at the road
for Stymphalia and 3,5km from our winery, there one of the most important
Mycenaean cemeteries of Peloponnese came at the light after excavations
which have taken place in 1978 - 1980. At the group of carved tomb
have founded the treasure of golden rings, stamps, jewelries and bead
which are exhibited at the museum of Ancient Nemea. It is worth to see
Nemea with her charming aroma of the nature and the green and yellow
colors which are caress and hugging her idyllic place, they are stilling today
as godly and magic as that which have being gift to the souls of mythical
hero Hercules and the winners of Nemea games the gift of immortality.