"313 symbolizes the certification of the protected designation of origin for the Semi-Sweet Agiorgitiko even before the establishment of PDO zones. It is essentially a brief expression of the composition of the ideal Semi-Sweet from Agiorgitiko, which must have 13% alcohol and 3 Baumé remaining sugars . A lively and at the same time aged red Semi-sweet with fresh aromas of strawberry and plum together with an intense acidity make it an ideal accompaniment for sweet and savory meals."


Category: Red semi-sweet wine

Classification: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Nemea

Grape varieties: 100% Agiorgitiko

Vineyard: Plain of Nemea in an altitude less than 400m.

Yields: 9.000 kg/ha

Age of vines (average): 40

Vinification/maturation: After sorting the late-harvested grapes, they are sun-dried for a short time. This is followed by the settling and the stay of the grape roes with the must until the fermentation stops, which occurs when the wine reaches the 13% vol. Then comes the aging in oak French barrels for 12 months.

Alcohol in volume: 13%

Tasting notes: Dark purple colour, rich fragrances from sour cherry, caramel and bitter chocolate. Gentle tannins that perfectly complement the soft sweet taste and long lasting aftertaste that make it the ideal aperitif for every taste.

Pair it with: Fruits, creamy desserts and chocolates.

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