Kidonitsa Rarus is the product of a dense planting, making the vines to compete with each other. Of lower yields giving a richer aromatic character. Of a winemaking process with the least possible interventions, enabling the variety to show its unique qualities.”


Category: White Dry Wine
Grape varieties:
100% Kidonitsa

Vineyard:  Mountainous Corinth in an altitude of 600m.
Yields: 9000 kg/ha
Age of vines (average): 20 years

Planting: Dense planting 0,9m x 1,9m

Vinification: We use a special white winemaking technique to highlight the characteristics of the variety and the unique terroir of the area. The grapes are processed cold, followed by a brief cold extraction and then by a minimally invasive fermentation. The final product goes through only a slight filtration in order to maintain the character of the variety intact.

Alcohol: 13 %
Reducing sugar: 1,1 g/L
Total acidity: 6,4 g/L
pH: 3,1
Tasting notes: Pale white-yellow colour with a characteristic aroma of quince, sweet citrus and strong mineral elements. Full body, refreshing acidity and a long aftertaste.

Pait it with: Fish and seafood of Greek cuisine, white meat, soft cheese and grilled vegetables.

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