Sustainable, because this is not an ordinary expression of Roditis variety.

It’s a result for an effort to minimize our interventions during winemaking and cultivation, trying to promote the variety’s unique characteristics as well as having the minimum environmental impact in each production stage.

We also have no wastes during the production process, showing our respect to what nature offers.

Because at Ktima Bairaktaris, we don’t make ordinary wines.

We express our opinion. And this is a wine that expresses in the best way our eco-friendly side.”


Category: White Dry Wine
Protected Geographical Indication Peloponnese
Grape varieties:
100% Roditis

Vineyard:  Mountainous Corinth in an altitude of 650m.
Yields: 3.000 kg/ha
Age of vines (average): 70 years

Vinification: We use a special winemaking technique to highlight the characteristics of the variety and the unique terroir of the area. Fermentation without interventions and no filtration.

Alcohol: 12,7 %
Reducing sugar: 1,1 g/L
Total acidity: 7 g/L
pH: 3,1
Tasting notes: White-yellow colour with a characteristic aroma of melon, bergamot, pear, bitter orange, kumquat and green apple. Full body and elegant acidity. The aftertaste is fruity and refreshing.

Pait it with: Seafood and shellfish, green salads, risotto with vegetables and pasta with lemon.

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