Ancient Nemea is mythologically connected with Hercules' first feat as well as with the myth of Ofeltis, which proved to be the bad omen of the campaign "Seven against Thebes".

According to the myth, Ofeltis, the son of King Lycurgus and Eurydice, was placed on a cradle of wild celery. There, the infant found the death from a snake bite, when the "Seven against Thebes" passed from Nemea going to Boeotia. The Seven Generals, sad by the death of the little Ofeltis, and in order to propitiate the gods, established the Nemean games. The mythical founding of the Nemean games was established in 1251 BC.

Visit the Archaeological Park of Ancient Nemea, which includes the museum where, amongst others, you can see part of the Aidonia treasure, the Temple of Zeus, the Heron of Ofeltis, the baths and the stadium with the vaulted entrance.