Stymphalia is a beautiful, mountainous lake in the southwestern part of Corinthia, near the border with Argolis. It is a freshwater lake, which is rare not only in the Peloponnese but also throughout Greece. It is surrounded by the mountains of Zireia (Killini) and Oligirtos, near the plateau of Feneos, at an altitude of approximately 600 m.

The area owes its name to the hero Stymphalos, who was the second son of King Arkada. In the homonym lake were later sheltered by the Stymphalian hens, which Hercules was confronted with during his sixth feat, as they were the scourge of the region.

Also visit the Stymphalia Environment Museum, which seeks to demonstrate the interdependence of man and nature and focuses on their harmonious coexistence in the Stymphalia basin.